Who is Mr Len and What is He About?

I’m all about the promotion of freedom and privacy. I value truth. The MSM and big tech social platforms are out of control, treating the people of the world like assets and subjects. I work hard to teach people that we don’t have to sit here whimpering, accepting their draconian policies or lies. We actually have the OPTION to build our own future, without them – and even OVER them. As a matter of fact, we have a DUTY to do it. So let’s do it..

This website is my personal blog that’s pretty relaxed and not too serious. It’s basically a collection of my ideas, rants or interesting stuff I am doing in my life. However, I also run some other websites that are centered more about truth, freedom and privacy.

Please check them out:

TriOrbit Productions | FreedomWorkshop | PromoterHost

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– Leonard Wass (Mr Len)


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