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Leonard Wass

On Saturday, September 23rd, I ceased uploading anything new to facebook and for all intents and purposes stopped using Facebook. This website is where I post information pertaining to my thoughts, life, point of view and business ventures. Basically it’s my “wall”.

I have decided that I want to remove/divorce myself as much as possible from big tech platforms (which I commonly refer to as Internet ghettos) due to their out of control attitude and disdain for people who do not bow down to leftist control, rhetoric, monopolies or demands.

I consider the recent purging of conservatives across globalists controlled platforms to be a declaration of war on conservatives, Christians and patriots. Therefore, I am removing myself from their services as much as possible. The only reason I don’t completely leave is because 95% of people will never leave, and if I do, I basically lose contact with them online. It’s a sad truth, but it’s the way it is.

I will not post anything “triggering” my YouTube channel. Instead, you will find videos that talk about important or “triggering” subjects at Brighteon

I have created a private social network called FreedomWorkshop. This social network is not intended to compete with Facebook. I created it for two primary reasons. 1). So that I can pull my family and friends into a place where I can speak to them freely. I literallky do not post anything in facebook anymore. 2). To demonstrate and teach people how they can also move away from the Internet ghettos. However, I can see that this is going to take time and patience. It will take years. Most people are happy on the Internet ghettos and have no interest in building their own platforms or joining alternatives. They don’t see the point. It’s a real problem.

I also run a website called PromoterHost. This website acts as a news and information website that highlights alternative media videos, reports and other content. ie: Real News.

I also own various online businesses which teach people how to make websites and how to market effectively by networking, without using big tech platforms. All of these efforts are a work in process, as I spend a lot of time working offline. However, every project I have running ties on with all the others in one way or another.

I invite you to join me in leaving the Internet ghettos and promoting alternative websites, ideas, efforts and platforms by subscribing to my newsletter.

Leonard Wass, aka
Mr Len