4 Days Alone in the Wilderness

I just added this post to FreedomWorkshop.

I informed hundreds of people that I am leaving Facebook.

I sent a newsletter out.

I contacted people multiple times.

I tried to get at least a  few people to come over to FreedomWorkshop.

I also continually informed everyone I love and care about about FreedomWorkshop for over 6 months.

I made a post on Facebook telling people it is my last post on facebook.

As of September 27th, 2018 I literally have not heard anything from anyone for 4 days.

Everyone is happy to stay on Facebook.

It’s actually pretty scary.

I live 2,600 kilometers from everyone I know. And by leaving Facebook, I feel like I have just ceased to exist.

This is life in 2018 people.

You have to be a part of the collective (BORG) .. or you just don’t exist.