A Response to “Toffee Nosed Christians” by Grant Berry | Goose777

Toffee Nosed Christians

I’ll let you in on a secret Grant (Goose777). There are a lot of people around that open the Bible just long enough to dip their toe in. It’s all too uncomfortable for them once they get into the nitty gritty, to hear the truth; so, they look up and flick through the most common quotes cherry picking all the stuff that justifies their nature and makes them feel all warm and fuzzy.

They might even go to a worldly church full of toffee nosed Christians that tickles their ears even more. They are taught how to “appear” pious and perfect. Once they have a preacher that will promise them that they can have their cake and eat it too, they don’t read the Bible any further; as they’ve got the warm and fuzzies from looking up all the promises of God, while they completely ignore the requirements, as per their false teachers instruction. The primary trait of a toffee nosed Christian is DELUSION.

These toffee nosed (so called) Christians go to a church and pay some money. Then they go home and wait for the blessings that they just purchased. They are utterly deceived. They opened a Bible once, so they call themselves a Christian, but when they pray they treat God like a genie. They tell him how wonderful they are for following him and what they’d like in return. Then they walk up and down the earth with their father, the devil (who is their REAL best pal), looking for Christians to accuse to help them feel better about selling their soul.

They particularly accuse the most righteous and sincere Christians; peculiar people saying peculiar that they don’t understand (because they never read the Bible). So after a while, they get pretty well versed in how to moan about and challenge Christian rhetoric. They are convinced by their father (the devil) that “real” Christians are hateful and mean, because they speak and KNOW the TRUTH.

These deluded toffee nosed Christians listen to their false teachers and their father (the devil), without enquiring of God. They consider what they’ve heard: second and third hand, sometimes even forth hand — and then they look for excuses. They look for loopholes. They look for ways to accuse others of what they, themselves are unable to overcome in the Lord, because they never knew Him — and He never knew them. They are the ones that will say: “Lord Lord”. He will say: “Be gone from me, ye who work iniquity”.