Am I using Facebook?

I’ve been asked: Are you using Facebook or are you not using Facebook? You keep saying you’re not using Facebook, then I see you posting stuff on Facebook.

Here’s my Explanation:

1). I don’t communicate on Facebook. I have uninstalled messenger from my phone. I’ve muted everything. I don’t even get notifications unless I manually go in to look; and even then it’s usually for business or about a job or something. I only use FreedomWorkshop messenger or SMS with family and friends or email. That’s now I can be contacted. Or phone, if you know me well enough to have my phone number.

2). I do not browse Facebook looking at anything. I’m not using facebook. I don’t click like on anything. It’s not that I don’t care about people. I don’t care about Facebook. I’m not getting pulled into it. I am trying to pull people AWAY from it.

Oh, but your’e posting stuff all about your holiday!?

3). I am not posting anything on Facebook. I am only posting LINKS to and about the holiday so Family can see it, because some Family members (as much as I have asked) still haven’t joined FreedomWorkshop; and if I don’t post the link to it here they won’t know I made the videos; nor will the people they care about, that might like to see what they’ve been up to.

I am not posting any photos or videos on Facebook itself. I am protecting my content by uploading it all to my OWN websites; which is what everyone else should be dong, quite frankly.

Facebook can AND DOES delete accounts and content (just because). If you want your whole online life dictated to you by Facebook, just stay here in the Internet Ghetto. However, if you want to protect your stuff and not have it censored, shadow-banned or deleted; or put up with Facebook jail, etc, then I suggest you also start your own blog OR join a free speech alternative like FreedomWorkshop, where you can also make groups and forums and stuff for free.

So there’s my explanation. If you look at my posts I’ve posted nothing to Facebook. Only links to posts on OTHER websites. Facebook can delete those LINKS, but they can’t delete my content. Understand now? I am also not interacting with anything on Facebook and I am asking people not to reply to the links I post on facebook.

So there you have it.

It’s not really that confusing 🙂

The FreedomWorkshop Manifesto will enlighten you further: