Captain Phick at the Wheel – Marooned

As much as we all loved the holiday and the birthday celebrations for Chris, one has got to call a spade a spade. The first 3-4 days were pretty trying in some respects. All we wanted to do was get out and cruise the waters to Stradbroke Island, with Chris as our captain and enjoy family time together (as we rarely see each other — all together), but for various reasons to do with Makayla’s health and well-being, we had to keep putting it off. When we DID finally leave the dock, we got marooned after about 25 minutes. I didn’t even get to record Chris driving with his costume on, which I was going to make a little movie of.

The saddest part is that the whole holiday was for Chris’s birthday, and he literally got to drive the boat for about 25 minutes. The boat was paid for for SEVEN DAYS, and he got to drive it for 25 minutes. That was a real tragedy and very sad. I’m just being honest — I was (and am) quite upset about that. I know Chris and Queenie were just looking out for Makayla, but it still sucks; as they were only on the boat for 48 hours. Half that was on the dock and the other half was marooned.

We finally did get back to dock after being marooned for 24 hours (which will be uploaded in the next videos), but Chris and Queenie got off the boat to take Makayla to the doctor because she had a bit of a rash on her forehead and a couple of spots around her nose. It wasn’t very bad, but Chris and Queenie were concerned she might be coming down with something. Also, Chris was concerned that if she got a rash all over her face she might not be able to board the plane to go to their Japan trip on Sunday (a few days later). So they called it quits and left Thursday and didn’t return to the boat. Quite heartbreaking really, as it was all for Chris — but it is what it is. We made the best of the situation and finally did make it to Stradbroke Island. Stay tuned for more videos. We actually had some very happy and memorable times — and heaps of laughs. Again, I’m pretty shattered Chris couldn’t be there. But I guess that’s life.

The next video will be all about how we were high and dry for 24 hours. The boat was literally on dry land! I tell no word of a lie. We made the most of that too. Everyone was in good spirits. Chris even caught a fish and we caught a crab in Luke’s crab net. Stay tuned!