Chris and Queenie’s Arrival

The moment had arrived. Five months of planning, costumes, the boat, people travelling from all over the East Coast of Australia; literally from Townsville to Melbourne! We were finally there, all dressed up, awaiting the arrival of Chris, Queenie and Makayla.

In this video you can even see the nervousness on mums face as she spoke to Chris, just before they arrived. Everyone felt it.. the anticipation, all the planning, the time had come! ARRRRR!!! We were all SUPER excited! We had even been practising our piraty pirate voices for months. I sent out how to talk like a pirate videos and articles to everyone’s email. We left no stone unturned to make this the best birthday we’d every celebrated for anyone!

We were also very happy to have the birthday boy aboard, so that we could finally head off and do some cruising, with Chris as our captain! Unfortunately, that didn’t happen the day they arrived because little Bobby (Makayla) wasn’t well, so Chris and Queenie wanted to stay docked in case they needed to go to the doctor; a little bit of a bummer, but it is what it is.. or it was what it was. I know that Chris wanted to get out and do some cruising on the boat. So we were patient to see if Makayla would feel better the next day!