Cruising to Stradbroke Island

It took us FOUR days to finally get to Stradbroke Island, and Hendrick, the owner of Coomera Houseboats personally drove us there (even though, technically, we were supposed to drive ourselves) .. but he just wanted to make sure we actually got there as we’d spent two thirds of the holiday so far either docked or marooned.

I am extremely appreciative that Hendrick did that, otherwise we might never have even seen Stradbroke Island — and would not have experienced the fun times we had there, which you’ll see in upcoming videos.!

Everything got better from here — and we had some great laughs! I’m still extremely disappointed that Chris, Queenie and Bobby weren’t there, because the entire point of hiring the boat was for Chris. #Devo

Anyways.. the trip continued, and we still have some great memories. Stay tuned for more.