Donald Trump’s Passionate UN Speech

Donald Trump’s UN speech is absolute gold. I urge everyone who comes across this post to watch at least the first three minutes of what Donald Trump said.

President Trump speaks about the divide of those who:

..thirst for control, deludes them into thinking they are desperate to rule over others.

Donald Trump is speaking of the globalists. He reminds them that the United States is also the worlds most powerful nation.

Hopefully it [The United States] will never have to use its power.

I hope so too, but it may very well come to that — because these globalists don’t know when to quit. They feel that they have the right to rule over others simply because they can; simply because the ability to rule over others seems up for grabs. However, free nations and free people around the world are just trying to live their lives and raise their families, exercising the God-given liberties and right to do so.

The only reason regular people seem like easy prey is because they don’t have a deep seated desire to rule over others. The free people of the world are not trying to compete with the globalist. However, people are waking up and getting sick and tired.

A day will come when the world will rise up and these globalists will be annihilated from the face of the earth. That day will be called: “The Second Coming of the Lord” and all these vermin-like creatures will scurry into their bunkers and underground cities, desperately trying to Hide from HIM; and that is where their bones will be entombed for eternity.

The way I see it, globalists are nothing more than NPC’s. I have no feelings for them at all. A day will come when no one will remember who they are. Their existence is futile and pointless; except to teach humanity what NOT to do and how NOT to behave.

Trump’s UN Speech