Facebook is for Froot Loops

Here is my latest Facebook post, which uses basic psychology to try to get the last of my friends over to FreedomWorkshop (my own social media website).

If anyone doesn’t join FreedomWorkshop still — I guess they really, truly and POSITIVELY don’t care.

And that’s ok — because that’s all I wanted to know.

Anyone that does care will finally make their way over to FreedomWorkshop after reading the post quoted below.

If they don’t — that’s ok too 🙂

I am just sorting my friends from those who aren’t.

I’m smarter than I look 🙂


Trying to leave facebook (while keeping contact with even a few friends) is like dragging your nails down a CHALK BOARD!

And people are SO GLUED to this bloomin’ website, like their whole life revolves around it (it’s actually sad) — because I have to give ONE more explanation.

PEOPLE DON’T REALIZE HOW ADDICTED THEY ARE TO THIS JOINT! ..or how petty people are becoming over stupid things like who clicked like, who blocked who and who’s visiting who. It’s turning peoples brains into mush.

I guess Facebook’s dopamine release algorithms are doing a good job at lobotomizing everyone.

Several people thought I “blocked” them because they came to my Facebook page and it wasn’t here. I DIDN’T BLOCK ANYONE. I simply closed my facebook account. There’s no difference between the “blocked page” and a “closed account page”.

I only reopened my facebook account, because as a web developer, there are various APPS and API’s I need access to, and there’s also more than one person that needs my help with things that are associated with Facebook (and the API’s). So I decided to at least leave my account active, even though I am technically not using it for personal reasons anymore.

NO — Not even for private messages.

If you want to be my friend — if you want to be a part of my life — if you actually care to continue to know me and share your life with me (ONLINE; as I am not referring to offline), I’m at FreedomWorkshop. This is a permanent decision that will never be reversed.

But I didn’t block anyone. Not one person.

#sigh .. all this nonsense just underscores why I can’t stand this internet ghetto called Facebook. It’s turning everyone into mindless, BORG, froot loops.

All I have done is started my own social network, and have been asking people to come over there. It has resulted in people being offended, upset — thinking they’re blocked, avoiding me because they think I am trying to get them to join something — ringing me me up telling me I should just call them (which is completely beside the point), sending me emails telling me it was all to hard so they gave up trying to join. etc.. BUT THE BASIC MESSAGE I AM GETTING FROM EVERYONE IS: “I love Facebook, I can’t bear to leave, please don’t make me leave”.

Ok, stay here! I am going to FreedomWorkshop. BYE!

It’s not about me trying top get anyone to join anything (as if I need anyone to). I can go and get 500 people to join in 15 minutes. I was just trying to get the people I care about to come over. It’s that simple. Many did, but I guess the ones that didn’t just don’t care. I don’t really care either, to be honest..

..but just know: I DIDN’T BLOCK ANYONE.

Glad to see the back of this joint. Let me tell you.

Being popular on Facebook is like sitting at the cool table at the cafeteria of a mental hospital <- This is my favourite Facebook meme of all time.

Thanks to everyone that did come over to FreedomWorkshop <3


To everyone else..


..and I added this addendum as the first comment:

I just want to point out one more thing. FOUR different people have basically told me the same thing: If I want to stay in contact with them, just call or email. That’s not the point. Of course I know I can call. I can even visit. That’s just blatantly obvious (duh) — but it still hasn’t got anything to do with staying in contact “online”. It seems that if you don’t stay on Facebook,. you LITERALLY LOSE CONTACT WITH EVERYONE YOU KNOW. No more photos, updates, private messages, “how are you going?”, “what’s up?”, jokes, musings .. etc. Just gone. Dead., Down the memory hole. That’s really scary. Doesn’t anyone understand how controlled and ANTISOCIAL “social media” (especially Facebook) is making them?? Ok, I’m out. I won’t ever hear from most of you again. I won’t ever see many more of you either; because I left Facebook. That’s sad. It’s 2018, we have so much technology — the sky is the limit, and everyone is glued to this INTERNET GHETTO like BORG — like it’s all there is.

OK, Cya.. Nice knowing y’all..

Have fun being brainwashed.