Flying Cars are NOT Like We Think

First of all, I just want everyone to know I have been seeing glimpses of the future since I was a kid. I don’t know how, but I have some kind of memory from the future. I’m not going to go into that. I just want to comment on this laughable video.

These are NOT how flying cars will be. This is HILARIOUS!

People in the future will look at these videos and these ridiculous designs and wonder what kind of drugs we were on.

Let me tell you, THIS video (above) in the future will be like how we see THIS video (below), today. It’s utterly absurd. Ridiculous.

How Will Flying Cars Really Be?

First of all, flying cars will look EXACTLY like regular cars. They will even look very sporty; pretty much like what we have today for all intents and purposes. They will also drive super fast — in excess of 200kph, no problem. However, they will not have steering wheels.

No attempt will be made to merge a plane and a car into the one design. The cars will be made exactly as they are today, except they will clip the wings on. The wings will contain batteries and motors, which will work in synergy with the cars batteries and motors. The batteries will be very light, but not have a really long distance for that reason — so they will constantly be charging.

There’s no need to drive around with wings attached to the bloomin’ car! That’s just stupid.

There will also be wing lots, and even wing rentals. Certain car models will be able to drive into a wing lot and simply rent a wing. The wing will be fully charged, and when the car lands, they simply detach from under the wing. A little AI controlled robot will come and pick up the wing form the runway and take it back for charging, and the car will simply drive on down the runway which will merge into a highway. The other option is to drive over to a drone pad..

There Will also be Drone Cars.

Drone cars will work exactly the same as the winged cars, except they will drive over the top of a drone pad, which will be kind of mounted into the ground. It will spring up from the ground, clip to the bottom of the car and lift the car into the air from the bottom. These will be used to take people to the top of buildings.

The top of city buildings will house all the rich people. Basically, all the rich people will live up on top of everything, and will very rarely, if ever come down to the ground. The culture and real-estate will become so prominent, it will be like a whole new world up there. They won’t care what happens under them though. There will be no way for anyone from the bottom to get up there. Even the AI controlled cars, for regular people, won’t be able to go up there. The tops of all these buildings will be full of beautiful gardens and sunshine. Particles will be sprayed into the air to make sure all the smog is pulled down low, under the smog level.

The winged cars will be more for long distance and the drone cars will be for getting around cities and across rivers and to islands — and from building top to building top and things like that. In the near future, you’ll see a lot of buildings designed like mushrooms; because the real estate on top of these buildings is going to be super exclusive.

But I can’t express enough.. the cars will look just like regular cars. However, they’ll be MUCH lighter. The design will be made by AI — because AI is able to analyse all the stress points and weight distributions and create a VERY, VERY light frame (yet strong); in such a way a human mind could not possibly do it so precisely.

Also, the cars will dock with the wings and drone pads autonomously, via AI.

If I had to guess, I think this kind of future will be around 2030 or 2040.

I have seen many things from the future. I tell no word of a lie.