FreedomWorkshop Documentaries

After thinking a lot about how best to promote not just FreedomWorkshop, but the very ideas behind why I created FreedomWorkshop, I’ve come to the conclusion that I the best way to do that is to make some short documentaries. They will be mini documentaries of up to 15 minutes. Some may be longer — up to 30 minutes I suppose. But they will all be relatively short (depending on the subject) and to the point.

However, in order for this effort to be a success,the videos must be of absolute quality. Therefore, I have downloaded and am beginning to learn how to use Adobe After Effects — One of the most powerful video editing software’s you can buy.

I am also researching some really groovy tunes, which I will pay for (by licence) and various other effects, logos, intros  and outros to be used in the documentaries. They will be of utmost professional quality.

I won’t be using any freely available, downloadable stuff. Only the best — for 100% professional results.

With my current schedule, I have very little time. So, I will aim for one documentary per month. If I can get two done, I will, but I’ll start with one.

I am convinced this is the way forward. I will be able to convey what I am trying to get across people in a really cool, entertaining but

I have literally no video editing skills except for Windows Movie Maker. My graphics skills are still from circa Paintshop Pro 7 (I can use Gimp a little — the logo of this website was made by me, in Gimp), and my video editing/directing skills are non-existent (poor at best).  But when did my not having any idea about stuff every stop me from trying!? Answer: NEVER!

SO, This is going to be a big learning curve for me! But I can tel you one thing: What ever I do, I always do with my whole heart. So I promise you that one way or the other, the documentaries will be great! I also promise byou I’ll be very good at making mini documentaries before long — because that is what I have set out to do, and God willing, I will accomplish that.

Stay tuned, because what I am about to start releasing is going to be EPIC!