[Heart Wrenching] Last Letter to Family and Friends

I’m going to dump everyone from my family and friends Newsletter and remove ALL subscribers. If anyone wants to join it, you can resubscribe on mrlen.com.

Here’s Why

There are only two people that took the time to actually join the newsletter themselves. Apart from those two, everyone else will be removed. Not out of spite, or anger —¬†but because I genuinely only want people who want to stay in touch with me to be on it.

I have already had one family member that basically said she’s too busy to hear what I have to say because I type too much, and she’s happy on facebook. She didn’t understand a single concept of what I am doing, why I left Facebook or why/how I am trying to stay in touch — or how important it is for family to have contact with each other (together, communally), OFF Facebook.

I guess I don’t even have a CORE group of friends, like I mentioned in the previous newsletter. She asked if she just get an update one a month? I just looked at that comment blank faced for about 10 seconds. That’s completely beside the point of what I wrote and what I explained in the previous newsletter. It’s not about the frequency of my updates. I simply told her I understand and removed her without any further explanation. I know I will never have contact with her again in my life — except at the next funeral ūüôĀ

I looked at the stats for the newsletter opens, and only a few people opened it, and out of those few 2 clicked the link to the actual article — the explanation of why I left Facebook and how I intend to keep in touch with family and friends. Nobody responded to that newsletter, except for the one person that told me she’s too busy to read everything I am typing.

So, as much as it hurts, I realise that pretty much everyone is permanently and irreversibly stuck to Facebook, and I will no longer have contact with anyone that I love – not even immediate family for the most part. Nobody is interested in trying to check up on FreedomWorkshop either. Nobody has typed anything on there to responded to a thing I have said on FreedomWorkshop for 4 months. Nobody understands the concept of WHY I am trying to create a place for family and friends to hang out, AWAY from¬† facebook. Simply no one gets it and no amount of explaining has or will cause anyone to understand. It’s a lost cause.

In short, I left Facebook, so now I have lost my family and friends — for the most part. That’s not an exaggeration. That is the reality in 2018.

I’m not angry, or feeling bitter. I’m not dumping the newsletter like a spoiled¬†child. It’s not like that. I just realise you can’t force people to¬†be a part of your life, or to take that extra step of looking away from what they are already happy doing, if they’re truly not interested. I am just broken hearted that if you don’t use Facebook, you lose access to everyone in your life — unless you physically call or visit them.

I know that weeks will pass and years will pass, and slowly but surely I will become an old memory to people, except for the next funeral or maybe a significant birthday or something. And then when people say: “Oh, hows things? What have you been up to?”, with a big fake smile on their face. I will look at them and think: “Are you serious? You’re really asking me that question?”. But I will say: “Oh, not much — You?” ..and reach for another party pie.

I’ve been explaining why I built FreedomWorkshop and that I am leaving Facebook soon for over SIX MONTHS. I explained and reexplained. I constantly pointed out how Facebook is not good for people (OR RELATIONSHIPS)¬† and that I am leaving and that I want my family and friends to create an account at FreedomWorkshop. But here I am; I finally left and people just started at their screen as I quietly closed the door, barely noticing the click of the latch. I really am heartbroken. Not just for me, but for everyone that I love and care about. And I have so much love in my heart, believe me. It’s just sad.

It’s a tragedy. Yet I know that this message won’t even be read. It’s an absolute tragedy.

That’s life in 2018. That’s how it is.

It’s absolutely heart-wrenching.

Leonard Wass