I am Approved by Facebook Again – Yay!

Earlier this year (and last year) there was a big kerfuffle about Facebook selling everyone’s info and making it too easy for everyone and anyone to access.

As an online marketer who has been using the Facebook API (to make apps) for quite a few years, I can testify to that. You could get literally anything you want from people just by convincing them to install an app. I promise you that YOUR information, in the past, has ended up in some pretty dodgy hands.

Anyway, to cut a log story short, Facebook was threatened under the threat of legal action to tighten all that stuff up. In doing so, they pretty much cut off hundreds of thousands of developers and marketers, and restricted their access to information. I was one of those people.

Anyway, I am glad to announce today that after a stringent application process, which involved digitally signing several legal agreements, providing my passport and jumping through a whole heap of hoops, I can now get your emails again 🙂

Haha! I’ll get some buttons for you to click real soon.. muahahah..

But on a serious side, being able to access this information once again is critical for me to be able to grow my websites and automatically post to Facebook from my websites and also to gather marketing information to profit from my websites.

I have a love hate relationship with Facebook. I like them because I can target people (with their own info) almost right down to the street they live in, but I can also be targeted by other people in the very same manner.