I am sick to death of trying to eat healthy by eating rice and beans, tuna and rice, juice, muesli bars, high fibre cereal and all that garbage. I’VE HAD A GUT-FULL — quite literally. My belly can’t digest any of that rabbit and rodent food. And I can’t eat brown rice, it tastes like horse chaff. So, I’m going caveman!

I just came back with $220 worth of CAVEMAN shopping! Basically, it’s food that our ancestors would have found readily available in their surroundings, without having to process them.

There’s NO processed food on my shopping list! Just meat off the bone, fruit and vegetables.

I’ve been trying different diets, trying to keep my calories down for 2 years. Yet I still look like I am pregnant, and I work LABOUR jobs all waking hours. It’s not like I’m not getting cardio! I’ve been eating buckets of vegetables.

So in short, i’m sick of predominantly plant based diets — it doesn’t agree with my genetics! My diet is now “MEAT AND VEGETABLES!”.

NO CARBS, NO ADDED SUGAR. I have sugar in fruit, but no juice! I only drink SODA WATER! Or tea. Those are my two beverages from now on. Or plan water.

I just came home with pork, beef, THIRTY SIX EGGS, tuna, white fish, avocado, grapefruit, green beans, broccoli, peas, 6 cans of various/mixed beans. I always buy juice and bananas, but they’re off the list == because they have too many sugars and carbs. Instead I got mandarins, grapefruit and berries.

I also got cucumber, onion, olives and tomatoes — I’ll make a simple salad with vinegar, salt, pepper and olive oil to have with my meat.

No potatoes, no rice, no pasta, no bread.

I have a very good feeling this diet is going to agree with my digestive system.

My belly is SO BLOATED from all that plant food — probably full of glyphosate (roundup) ..

Just call me Mr Caveman Boy. And all you vegetarians and vegans can talk to the hand. I need to eat meat!