Letter to my Family and Closest Friends

This message is being sent only to my closest family and friends (via my newsletter), people that I care about:

I have left facebook. I closed my account and cancelled all my advertising. My online presence, thoughts, activities and updates can now be found at mrlen.com; via the website and the newsletter. This email is the first message sent out to that newsletter.

Before I left Facebook I sent everyone a message explaining what I intend to do. After sending that message, pretty much everyone simply left the conversation. It was as if I gathered everyone into a room, explained why I am leaving Facebook, and how to stay in contact with me — and as soon as I stopped speaking, everyone just turned around and walked off without a word.  ie: I could see people leave the chat one after the other, never to get back to me. This actually really cut me. However, it just goes to show what Facebook has done to people (and relationships between family and supposed close friends), and underscores WHY I have made a good decision in walking away from that Internet ghetto.

I sent that message to what I regarded (note the past tense there) as 81 of the closest 170 people on my Facebook friends list; people that I thought would at least care about what I might have to say. I was pretty shattered to see the apathy and disinterest in what I tried to convey. So now I have reduced that list to around 20 people — personal contacts that I have added to my personal newsletter. You are my most loved and appreciated people on this earth. That’s why you’re getting this email.

If anyone else on the Internet finds this message and my perspective resonated with you, feel free to join the newsletter brothers and sisters.

The reason I left Facebook is this:  Right now the big tech giants are purging all conservative and right leaning users from their platforms. You may have heard that Alex Jones who has one of the biggest radio shows on earth, even bigger than CNN and Fox News was banned from YouTube, Twitter, facebook and other platforms. But it’s not just Alex. It’s thousands upon thousands upon thousands of people. He was also banned from using PayPal the other day, after George Soros purchased shares in the payment gateway.

These are companies I do not want to support. And I won’t be. I am a man of action. Not a man of words. I am a man of principal, not empty talk. I am a soldier of truth and freedom; and of God.

I am both conservative and right leaning, not to mention Christian. I do not like globalism or the fact that corporations are running our governments by proxy. Consequently, time and time again, Facebook prevents me (and millions of other conservative and nationalist users) from posting, because of certain words, terms and links I am using — or sentiments I am promoting. I’ve received posting bans and restrictions time and time again, simply for trying to point out OBJECTIVE, factual truths that the left leaning big tech giants don’t want promoted/discussed. Actually, let me correct myself. They are not left leaning — they are the RABID (and actually even demonic), EVIL left, as far as I am concerned; children of evil. But I digress..

I run several online businesses that I am pouring my life into. I cannot invest my entire life and livelihood into these platforms, if they’re simply going to root me out at a later date, based on some arbitrary, subjective and vague reason that amounts to: “Just because”. ie: If you call CNN “fake news” on Facebook, your post will be throttled back and no one will see it. The algorithms are set that way. Same with Google. Go and search “Trump” on YouTube or Google. You will see NOTHING but negative videos and pages — in spite of the fact that he has basically become the peoples champion. The algorithms are not just rigged — they are HEAVILY and shamelessly rigged/bias. It’s the same with all the big tech giants. They are all “shadow banning” — where you post something and think it’s out there for people to see, but the platforms simply don’t show it on anyones feed.

This is simply criminal. So back to what I was saying: I can’t invest my future and livelihood into these dictatorial, globalist run digital empires – so I am creating my own online presence and I am taking my family and friends with me. I will be posting my views and content on:

www.mrlen.com My online profile (a replacement of what I was doing on Facebook, for intents and purposes).
www.freedomworkshop.com My own social network, where people can create groups and chat with each other, just like Facebook.
www.promoterhost.com A website that promotes factual news.. not the left-leaning, socialist, globalist fake news and propaganda.

I am also never uploading another video to YouTube. I will be using REAL.video:


I will never post to Twitter again. I wil use Gab.ai:

https://gab.ai/mrlen – My Personal Profile
https://gab.ai/FreedomWorkshop – FreedomWorkkshop’s profile.

I also have several business websites and ventures which I will be advertising on these platforms.

Additionally, my online marketing courses will be recreated to both teach and encourage people how to do what I have done: How to set up a personal blog. How to create an email list to contact your family and friends and how to create your own online presence — just like how the Internet USED TO BE about 15 years ago, before the corporate media promoted and corralled everyone into these dictatorial internet ghettos.

My Internet marketing courses will show people hot to leave the big tech ghettos and create a successful and prosperous online presence –and even business, without them. I am to lead by example.