Low Carb Diet for 2020 | Ya Can’t Eat That!

Low Carb Diet

OK, I got it! I’ve got this. I’m starting a low carb diet for 2020. I am going to start severely restricting carbs. So, from this day forward there will be no more rice or pasta dinners.

It looks like there aren’t going to be any more chicken burger’s for a while, unfortunately.

My Low Carb Diet Plan

Here’s pretty much what I’ll be eating for 2020:

  • Meat and vegetables for dinner. No potato.
  • Meat and salads for lunch. No bread.
  • Eggs and bacon or eggs and sausages for breakfast. No toast.
  • I’ll continue with my milk. I love milk.

My First Low Carb Meal for 2020

Basically my diet is currently 50% carbs, 25% vegetables and 25% meat. It’s not working for me so I need to change it to 35% meat, 35% vegetables and 20% fats and about 10% cabs.

I’m not stupid. I know what to do. It’s just so HARD while doing labour jobs. Since I came to Townsville, I have done HARD LABOUR JOBS. When you work your guts out like me — AND I HAVE WORKED MY GUTS OUT (sometimes doing up to 3 jobs at once) — the best thing to eat for energy is carbs.

But even with all the calories I’ve burned with the work I’ve done, the excess carbs just go straight to fat stores. The harder I work, the more appetite I have for carbs, the more bloated my belly gets. It’s just a never ending cycle.

Well Meaning Advice is Not Really Wanted

A lot of people have offered me off the top of the head well meaning advice that usually has me saying in my head “SHUT YOUR FACE EINSTEIN!!!”. It’s usually goes something like: “Stop eating so much”, “Don’t eat late at night”, etc etc BLAH BLAH BLAH. Or, “Stop eating so much sugar”. I literally don’t even eat sugar!

I don’t even have a packet of sugar in the house. Nor do I put sugar in my tea or coffee. Chocolate bars, sweets and sugar is not even on my shopping list. I don’t eat potato chips and I pretty much eat ZERO junk food. So there goes about 90% of peoples well meaning advice (that pisses me off to have to listen to). I know people mean well, but anyways..

I know What to Do to Lose Weight – It’s Just hard to Not Eat Carbs!

Deep down I already know what is causing all my bloating. Sadly, it’s carbs. I need to switch to a low carb diet if I am to get rid of this belly. I’m trying to restore copious amounts of energy that I am burning doing labour jobs in this Townsville heat with carbs and it’s just not working.

It’s going to be hard just sticking to meat, veg and dairy — because a low carb diet doesn’t give you that nice satiating energy that carbs does. But I am just going to have to get used to it, otherwise I am never going to lose this belly; and therefore will be subject to peoples off the top of the head, well meaning advice all year again.

..and no I am NOT doing a KETO diet. I tried that already and nearly died. A low carb diet will be good enough. So..

OK NO CARBS! I’ll stop them already! My life is gonna suck. I’ll have even less energy to get through the day and I’ll probably get dizzy and feel like I am gonna die, but I’ll just keep working my ass off without carbs!

Why is life so unfair?

Bye carbs, I’ll miss you!

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