Low Carb Roast Chicken with Vegetables

Low Carb Roast

This low carb roast will have you salivating. The aroma will fill the kitchen as you eagerly wait for it to cook. Get ready for a spicy and savoury flavour. I am entering 2020 on a low carb diet plan, I’m recording my low carb creations for breakfast lunch and dinner.

Spicy Chicken Roast with Vegetables

I love everything spicy! Onion, chilly and garlic are some of my favourite seasonings. So, this easy to make low carb roast really hits the spot. To prepare, all I did is caramelise some onion in olive oil, microwave some vegetables and bang it all together and toss with some salt. So that’s vegetables taken care of.

For flavour, there’s nothing more delicious than gravy made with the juices of the meat they’re beings served with. So, what I do to make the perfect chicken breast with gravy is slowly cook a chicken breast. Olive oil makes the perfect bed, so the spices can blend in. Combined with the chicken fat that comes out of the breast it just makes the gravy perfect!

How to Mix Perfect Gravy

Once the chicken is cooked, all I do is add some hot water from a kettle. I then mix it all up with the chicken juices and olive oil. I’ll then throw in some chicken gravy and mix it all together until it thickens. The chicken was cooked with mixed herbs, garlic and chilly which ads a spicy and savoury flavour to the gravy.

When pouring the gravy, make sure you add a fair amount to the vegetables. The combinations of fats and oils mixed with the herbs and chilly makes the vegetables taste delicious.

<h3>Very Few Dishes</h3>

This meal was cooked in a single deep stoneware pan on a butane camping stove. Washing up consisted of the pan, my knife and fork, a plate and the Tupperware container that I microwaved the vegetables in. If you have a 4 jet gas stove you could just as easily cook the onion and vegetables in a second pot; but I only have one little stove.

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