Mr Len Models some Costumes and Gives a Tour

Mr Len Models the birthday boy’s costume (Chris) before he arrives — as well as his own costume. I think mum was quite impressed with the costumes and designated the rest of them “deck swabbers”, lol.

One of the more fun parts (for me) was before we even all met up — arranging the costumes. I arranged the costumes for Myself, Chris (the birthday boy), Mark and Kym. It was a lot of fun, actually. I put a lot of time, thought and effort into it. I was even ironing on patches in the hotel room the day before! I definitely went all out! It was fun.

Mum arranged Queenie’s costume (the birthday boy’s wife); and did a fantastic job. Queenie definitely looked the part. Dad, Lisa and Luke arranged their own costumes.

Also, little Makayla — “Bobby” (the little 1yo baby) had a costume but she didn’t cooperate when we tried to make her put it on 🙂