New Hashtag #FrootLoopBookIsForLosers

It’s so refreshing and liberating not to be posting on FrootLoopBook anymore. In only a couple of weeks, look what I have built with, FreedomwWorkshop and PromoterHost. If I had NOT left FrootLoopBook, I’d be still on there, wasting my time, posting stuff that is being shadow-banned that hardly anyone will ever see, on pages that will eventually get deleted because I said the “wrong thing” (what ever that might be, as it seems to change each week, depending on who’s getting “triggered” and what the latest PC narrative is).

Now, I can post like crazy and I know none of what I am posting will ever go anywhere — and the links can be shared all over the Internet. THIS is what I want everyone to do. Go and start your own websites and blogs. It’s so liberating. Forget FrootLoopBook.

NEW HASHTAG: #FrootLoopBookIsForLosers.

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