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Noisy Neighbours can be very irritating. Is it just me or do other people also feel that playing music loud enough so neighbors can hear is wrong?

I’m not having a meltdown over it or anything. But I do wonder. What is wrong with these people?

It’s not even so much that they play loud music, but it’s BAD loud music. Not only that, a couple of my neighbours have all their doors and windows open — with not a care in the world, while listening to their favorite music full blast.

Are Noisy Neighbours Inconsiderate?

I would never in my life play music or do anything else that the neighbors can actually hear. I even put earplugs in when I am watching stuff on my laptop, in case someone might be able to hear and I might disturb them.

Inconsiderate or not? I say it is very inconsiderate.

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Is it OK to Play Music so Neighbours Can Also Hear?
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How to Deal with Noisy Neighbours

I did a little search for “noisy neighbours” on YouTube and came across this video:

I can positively say the video above offers BAD advice. The last thing you want to do is go to your neighbours door complaining about them. This will 100%, without a doubt, positively create an ongoing feud — no matter how polite you are.

The only reason your should actually go up to someone’s front door is if you intend on pulling them out of the front door by their ears, point to their house and say: “Can you hear that!? STOP IT!!!”. But it’s not 1436 AD anymore, it’s 2019, so we kind of can’t do that. So that’s out.

I’d prefer to make an anonymous complaint considering we have to be very careful to be compliant to authorities these days. It is very possible to turn yourself from the victim to the aggressor if you act out and then you’ll be the one shunned. This happens all the time in this PC world. It’s almost like all the NORMAL people are constantly trolled by the NPCs; like some kind of conspiracy. But I digress..

In Conclusion

But anyway, having said all of the above, I am not going to complain about my neighbors. I’m not going to pull anyone’s ears. Well, not today anyway.. I don’t think. However, I must say, I do often go into little “spells” — little dreams that go something like this (video below)..

A Satisfying Video to Watch

When you’re currently upset with your noisy neighbours..

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