REAL Video Plugin for FreedomWorkshop

I can’t express how excited I am. Jaydeep from Conversant Technologies has programmed some functionality so that will display on the FreedomWorkshop social network, simply by placing a URL in a comment field. It extracts and embeds the video automatically.

FreedomWorkshop is working toward functionality so that ONLY videos will be displayed on this network and other websites owned by myself (Leonard Wass), such as PromoterHost (a “Real News” website). I do NOT want to Promote YouTube videos.

The next, functionality for thumbnails and Opengraph meta data, extracted from REAL Video will be added to FreedomWorkshop. This functionality has also been programmed into a plugin, by Jaydeep. Fantastic programmer. SMART GUY! MUCH smarter than me.

Thank you Jaydeep. You are my man! Extremely intelligent and likable guy. I have a lot more work for you mate!