Response to a Loved One

Someone wrote me an email, genuinely trying to offer advice about my trying to get people over to FreedomWorkshop.
I’m not going to say who it was or what they wrote.
..and I have still left Facebook, but I am posting my response here, just so people know what’s up.
While I agree with 80-90% of what you wrote above — and it’s all common sense, I think there is a misunderstanding of at least a couple of things.
I’ll go through them in point form to get them off the table 🙂
1. I couldn’t care less if anyone wants to do my courses. They are genuinely only for people who are that way inclined (ie: the friends that I have that are online marketers and bloggers — and I have hundreds of such friends on my lists) — and have the time and propensity. I certainly don’t expect my most immediate family and friends to participate in all that.
2). I’ve never asked (and nor do I expect) anyone to come to FreedomWorkshop and regularly log in to repeat themselves with things they’ve already said on Facebook, read anything I am writing (at all), or even to have the time for it. I simply expect people to take the 15 seconds to create an account (after I explained how important it is to me for 6 months straight), simply so that they have one. There are people that joined 5 months ago and have barely said a thing on there. That’s fine with me. Many have popped in and clicked like on a couple of things. That’s good enough. At least they’re not totally lost. I know some of them don’t truly understand and are just trying to get used to it. But at least they didn’t point blank ignore me.
3). This is the most IMPORTANT point. I don’t play games in relationships. I’m straight up. I only want genuine people in my life. I use basic psychology in anything I write (as you say, “berating” people) .. lol. See, people incriminate themselves — and they judge themselves. If I make a post saying “People on Facebook are a bunch of Froot Loops” — the people who genuinely love me and care about me will not associate THEMSELVES with that comment. They’ll read it and laugh .. and say: “Well obviously he is not referring to me”. However, people who have something against me (or don’t care about me) or otherwise feel GUILTY in their views toward me (especially if they’ve been talking behind my back — and some people have, because it’s got back to me) — they reveal themselves and who they are by GETTING OFFENDED. It’s really basic psychology and a great way to sort people who care about you from people the who don’t. Basically if anyone IDENTIFIES THEMSELVES with anything that can be construed as negative in my posts, they are simply pointing themselves out — because I never mention any names. It works like a charm. I often don’t even have anyone in particular in mind. I just type things to see who REALLY does have something against me. It works brilliantly. I know that everyone who has come over to FreedomWorkshop truly are my closest family and friends. They didn’t associate themselves with any of my “beratings” (if that’s a word, lol). They paid attention to the things I wrote for the past 6 months. They understand what FreedomWorkshop is, and why I want them to go there (because I love them). I won’t write off anyone left behind — but I do know at least one thing: Out the the many many dozens of posts (probably over 100), videos, promotions, explanations, pm’s, emails and phone calls I’ve had with people about FreedomWorkshop, if they don’t get that I simply want them over there because I love them and want to stay in touch and want to keep them in my personal online life — the only reason can be because they genuinely don’t care (there’s no second choice); and never took the time to understand what it is. They simply don’t care — not about me — but about anyone or anything that is not in their own little bubble. I know it’s nothing personal. Some people are just intrinsically selfish and self important. I don’t want people like that in my life either. They’re good for nothing. Honestly. I’m not that way. I am loving and care about everyone important in my life — to a flaw. But all that that is ok! I’m not crying. Honest. It’s just good to know who’s who in the zoo, that’s all. But I can tell you one thing, I’ll do absolutely anything for anyone I love — even if it takes few moments to do something different or extra, to stay a part of their lives or to support them.
There are very (genuine) few hard feelings in what I say and do. The only people that can hurt me are the people I love — and then to be honest I do get really cut — but it’s only because I love them. I do and say the things I do to sort the wheat from the chaff — so that I can have a happier life with the people that genuinely care. The ones that drop off — it’s because it’s all to hard to pretend they care. That’s not ostracizing myself. That’s making my friendships and relationships more rewarding; with quality. I have no will to be liked by everyone. I’m not trying to win a popularity contest. There’s a saying: “Most people can’t count their true friends on one hand” . That is 100% true. I know I can’t. I bet you can’t either — if you’re honest with yourself.
Keep in mind, there are several people I have helped, even financially (even to great time and expense), in my busy life (I am always helping someone — and that’s the honest truth) — and some of those people have never responded to a thing I wrote about FreedomWorkshop. They left the private messages I’ve sent without a word; even to personal messages sent only to them. They felt they could just duck out of the crowd, unnoticed. Had I not really put it to people like I have, I would never have realized these people are so self serving and selfish, and I’d probably continue helping them in future (to my own detriment). But I can tell you one thing — it’s probably best they’re left behind and I move on with my new chapter at FreedomWorkshop, with people that have shown me that they care. There are also people that don’t even know I helped them! I didn’t tell them. Yet they have ignored me. That’s ok. It’s simply good to know, that’s all — sorting the wheat from the chaff.
Right now I am only trying to get family and friends over there. Next year I will start advertising and there will be 10’s of thousands or even hundreds of thousand of members. Mark my words. Also, I do not friend anyone I don’t personally know. Most of my life posts are set to private It was the same on Facebook.


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