Rideshare Weapons and Self Defence

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Should Uber and Lift Drivers Carry Weapons for Self Defence?

Rideshare weapons are a must of you want to be safe. I’ve thought about becoming an Uber driver for years. The only thing that really stops me from ever finishing the process (as I’ve started it), is the knowledge that people nowadays are just getting feral. More and more people are on drugs or pharmaceutical medications.

Rideshare Drivers that Carry Weapons Graph

Rideshare Weapon67% of people say they don’t carry any kind of weapon.The remaining 33% say they carry a gun, pepper spray, taser, kife or some other kind of rideshare weapon.

People and society in general is just going to the dogs. If anyone wants to do this job, I think you can say it’s GIVEN that sooner or later, some NUT is going to get in the car and cause you some kind of physical harm. It’s non if — but when.

It’s like Russian Roulette.

So for that reason, I just don’t want to do the job. Also, even if you DO defend yourself against one of these nuts — the way the courts are set up full of letfies and satanists, YOU’RE likely the one to come out punished. I think the best way to be a rideshare driver (if I did it at all).. is to have a capsule completely separating me from the rest of the vehicle and to carry rideshare weapons as a plan B.

Check out these Google aricles for the search term “Rideshare Weapons”. You’ll find stories such a the stabbing of a pregnant Lyft driver,a pair face charged after leaving a loaded gun in a rideshare vehicle — and various articles about violence towards rideshare drivers.

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