Thank You Yoko Ono | The Perfect Response Video | #ThankYouYoko

I’ve been looking for the perfect response for the growing insanity that has been propagated across the internet. It’s like the whole world has entered the twilight zone sometimes. “What did I just watch?” and “Well, that’s enough Internet for me today”, or “How did I get to the weird part of YouTube again?” are all great comments that sufficiently express disdain and antipathy, but I have found one better:

It’s like someone or something in the universe just handed me the perfect response on a silver platter.

From this day forward, every time I come across one of those posts or pages on the internet that just leave me sitting there blank faced for several moments before I am even able to respond, I will simply post this video as a response, along with the hashtag #ThankYouYoko

I’m posting this video under the This Probably Isn’t Even Real category, because it’s closely related.