The Earth is not Flat — and Where are the TRILLIONS?

I will never believe for one moment that the earth is flat. To me, that idea is utterly absurd. However, I do believe that NASA are faking a lot of the material they’re providing us. I believe they are simply trying to hide the TRUE reality of whatever is out in space; so they’ve been creating a fake, Photoshopped version of reality for public consumption, to hide whatever is really up there — or whatever they’re truly up to.

I also believe the “flat earth” conspiracy/phenomena, which is growing wildly online is nothing more than a psychological operation. And I’ve been researching all these theories for many years. I’ve been very intrigued as to how so many people can simply jump on the flat earth bandwagon; not because I actually believe it has any credence, but because I am genuinely curious about the psychology of how people can so easily adopt ridiculous ideas; and flat earth really is ridiculous.

I have found absolutely no evidence that the world is flat; only theories. Yet everything about the earth being spherical stands up in my mind. ie: The rest of the planets are spherical, why wouldn’t the earth be? Flat earth is an absurd psychological operation injected into peoples minds by the powers that be to direct attention away from what we SHOULD be concentrating on: What on earth have they really been up to up in space? Where are all the photos? What have they done done with the TRILLIONS of dollars? This is what I want to see people PASSIONATELY researching and debating. Not crazy flat earth model theories.

I am also very annoyed that people are using scripture to “prove the earth is flat”, which is an attack on Christianity and Christians as far as I am concerned., It makes us all look like clowns. It’s a BIG part of the psychological operation: to undermine Christian understandings about the world and the nature of the world.

As far as I am concerned, we live on a spinning sphere that God Himself created, along with all the other planets. He created the four seasons, the wobble of the planet and the whole atmosphere. The sun affects Mars and the Moon (which there is scientific evidence of) — and I don’t believe for one moment the sun is “under the dome” gliding across the earth. It’s utterly absurd and an insult to the intelligence of the population of earth.