The Obnoxious Neighbour – STORY TIME WITH MRLEN

I nearly busted my knuckle. My goonball next door neighbour has has a fridge outside his door (half blocking the stairwell) for over a week, along with various other stuff for me to step around. It’s been driving me nuts, because I feel like I am living in a ghetto.

So I went to the shop just now and the fridge has been moved to MY side of the entry, for me to walk around. I stopped, looked at it and told myself: “Lenny, not everyone in this world has a brain. You have to understand that. He probably doesn’t mean any disrespect. He’s just stupid, that’s all. He can’t help it”. And I continued down the stairs, stopping twice to look up and shake my head.

So I got back with a bag of stuff from Coles — and as I walked up the stairs I said: “Nah, he’s got to be told. If he doesn’t have a brain, I’ll have to help him grow one”.

So I knocked as hard as I could on his door, twice. I nearly busted my knuckle. He opened the door. He’s a young “trendy” looking guy, a few inches taller than me (but everyone is a few inches taller than me) with a beard. Drives a pretentious BMW. He has all his hair combed nicely to one side with grease or something.

I said very calmly and politely: “Why have I got a fridge outside my door?”.

He replied: “Oh, um, yeah.. I’m just moving some stuff around.. ah..”.

I cut him off as I started walking from my door to his: “OK, well I don’t need your fridge outside my door”.

He continued explaining: “I won’t actually be here in 2 days I …”.

His voice faded as I closed my door. I didn’t hear the end of what he was saying.

I could hear a fridge being dragged across the stairwell a few moments later though.

This is the first interaction I have had with him, apart from passing him in the stairwell a few trims and nodding my head.

I just want to keep to myself.

I was more annoyed that I had to knock on his door, than walking around the fridge.