This Probably Isn’t Even Real

Sometimes you come across things on the Internet that are so absurd, you have to roll your eyes. But in the back of your mind, you know.. you just know that someone will believe it. So, because I am a little bit of a troll (in a good way), I’ve been leaving the comment: “This Probably Isn’t Even Real” for quite a while now; every time I come across one of these posts.


Some of the posts I’ve left that comment on have been absolutely hilarious. I have been berated, mocked and ridiculed. ie: “Are you really that stupid?”, “You don’t say!”, etc..

The thing that makes it funny to me is I don’t tell anyone I am joking. I don’t add any smileys. I simply type: “This probably isn’t even real”. When I see people react (and they always do), I find it quite hilarious.

However, that’s not the funniest part. The most amusing comments are the ones that agree with me, or go into great length about how it is plausible. The long and more passionate the explanation is, the funnier it is to me.

This is all too much fun to be kept to myself. This whole thing has been a little private joke for me for so long it’s such a shame that other people can’t share the lulz. So from this day forward, every time I make the comment: “This probably isn’t even real”, I will link to it on this page.

And believe me, there’s no shortage of posts to simply reply with: “This probably isn’t even real”. #TPIER


IT’s not just for ludicrous posts that I leave the “This probably isn’t even real” comment on. I also leave it when the post IS real, but it’s so far moved from reality, it’s unbelievable. Have you ever watched a video and at the end of it, you’ve had to just sit there with a blank face? And you want to type: “What did I just watch?”. Well, I always type: “This probably isn’t even real”. Hilarity always ensues.