Video Ideas for Beginners | How to Monetize Anything & Internet Privacy

How to Monetize Anything

Scott Cunningham created a video today which offers great videos ideas for beginners. In the video, he explains how to monetize basically anything. He offers some great insights and is talking from experience. He is practicing what he is preaching, because he is actually making money with the methods he is teaching about. Scott is monetizing things that he does in his regular day life, which is the very same advice every advanced marketer will give to a beginner: Just stick with your passions and post about what you already love.

Video Ideas for Beginners

Internet Privacy

In his video offering video ideas for beginners — especially for monetization, Scott also talks a little about Internet Privacy. A little plug, you might want to check out my website at FreedomWorksop which discusses Internet privacy issues. He explains that in order to monetize certain aspects of your life, you will need to give up a little privacy. However, I think that kind of privacy is not what people are afraid to give up. I think a lot of people are happy to share their lives online, but if they do, they should be the ones to benefit from it financially.

My Opinion on Internet Privacy and Monetization

Monetize IdeasI’m all about privacy, but there’s different types of privacy I am concerned with. ie: I am not worried about sharing parts of my life on the Internet, but corporations and big tech monopolies using MY life and privacy to make profit for themselves — that’s what don’t like! That’s why I am leaning as far away from the mainstream platforms as possible; but on the other hand I freely post about my life. Plus, I don’t like platforms telling me what I can and can’t say/promote. They only stick their nose into that side of my business because of their profits. Again, that’s a privacy issue.