Why the Terminator Franchise DIED

I haven’t seen Dark Fate yet and I am purposefully not watching reviews, because I don’t want to watch spoilers. But I’ve seen enough trailers and comments to know that the reason it flopped (like cost 100 million and made only 28 million) is VERY SIMPLE: As with everything these days, they inserted feminism, political correctness and social programming into the script.

They replaced John Connor (the leader of the resistance) with a female and they basically just vomited all of today’s PC ROT and political cancer all over the franchise. I hope everyone involved goes out of business. They deserve everything they get. For terminator 7, just make me director. The first thing I’ll do is throw everyone (and all their PC BS and politics) out of the writing room.

The Terminator is about a time travelling cyborg, created by Skynet, sent back to 1984 to hunt John Connor’s mother. In the original, Linda Hamilton was a vulnerable, likeable, down to earth and REALISTIC character who grew strength through adversity (ie: being hunted by a TERMINATOR).

The vast majority of scenes were the Terminator kicking in walls, chasing people in cars, using a bit of AI wit, using its superior strength to take people out like flies and of course not being able to be stopped. It’s a VERY simple idea. A VERY simple script. It’s not easy to screw up! Now they want to make Linda Hamilton who is now basically a granny, some kind of bad-ass. They re-invented her for today’s PC BS world. Sarah Connor was not a “bad ass”. She was a regular woman who had to find strength. I could see from the trailers that the feminism was just making everything cringy.

Note: I know Linda Hamilton wanted to play the “bad ass”. The directors should have said no. You’re going to play your original character. The BAD ASS of the movie is the Terminator! PERIOD. THE END. It’s not rocket science! Dark fate had ONE JOB TO DO! A simple job.

I’m not against Linda Hamilton being a bad-ass per se, or even ageing Arnold playing the terminator at 70+. I think it’s great that they returned. Their age is not a factor AT ALL in my disdain. But I watched an interview with Arnold saying that they basically feminised the Terminator. Like he was concerned about the drapes and the decor of the house or something. I knew from that moment the movie was going to be bad. Note: I STILL haven’t seen the movie. I’m going to wait for it to come out on video.

People these days have become delusional. People are so messed up in the head with PC BS they can’t even make a good movie anymore. I’m just sad that I’ll probably never see another good movie ever again, because this world has lost its soul and its spirit; and its RAW creativity along with it. Everyone has to pander to someone. Everyone has to be “accepted”. No one is allowed to have hurt feelings — not even in a FRICKIN’ TERMINATOR MOVIE!

I’m Seriously Thinking of Starting Crowdfunding

I could make a “Terminator” movie that makes more than 28 million with a budget of around 1 million. I guarantee you. The franchise is officially dead anyway. There won’t be a 7. I’d just have to contact whoever owns the franchise and convince them to give me the rights to make a fan-made version. It would be VERY close to the original. It wouldn’t use any CGI AT ALL. It would use cinematography, lighting and maybe some of today’s robotics.

I’d simply make a 2020 version of the 1984 saga. I’d also make sure Edward Furlong is in it. And Michael Biehn. I don’t care if they’re drunks and drug addicts these days. I personally don’t like the real-life Furlong. From what I’ve seen of him, he’s a royal KNOB. But he MUST be in the movie AS JOHN CONNOR. I’d write that into the script. Just like Arnold’s age has been written into the script as a Terminator at 70+. Linda would be in it, but she would return to being the down to earth and REAL character she was in the original; except wiser and stronger for having lived the experiences. She wouldn’t be playing some kind of feminist bad-ass, which is just stupid. If she complains I’d ask her to make me a sammich. YES I JUST TYPED THAT! Get over it. *I wouldn’t really. I’m not a jerk .. but just sayin’..

If you want me to make Terminator 7, please share this post around the Internet. Actually, let’s call it Terminator 1.1.

I’m looking for 1 million dollars and I’ll make this happen. Extremely low budget, but I bet it makes more than Dark Fate!

If this post receives 10,000 hits by the end of this year, I will release a script:


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